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SciFi and Fantasy Art: Devil Or Angel?

SciFi and Fantasy Art: Devil Or Angel?

You probably think this has some kind of deep meaning. Well, it doesn't. The truth is, I was bored one day and I decided to see if I could freehand sketch a face in Painter Classic. The hair actually started turning out half decently, so I stuck with it. The reason he's half angel and half devil is because I decided he needed to have wings, but I wasn't sure what kind. So I did both. If you really need a meaning, I suppose you can chalk it up to the internal struggle between good and evil that each of us must face every day. See, he kinda looks like he's praying for guidance or something. Or not. I worked pretty hard on this one (it took me over a week to complete) and I know it could still use some work, but I just got 'done' with him so I'm putting him up. Maybe I'll tweak him later. Done entirely from scratch in Painter Classic.

Devil Or Angel? - SciFi and Fantasy Art by K. Fletcher

Mythbusters' Kari Byron Chops Down Trees with a Gatling Gun in 45 Seconds

Girls and guns: discuss. Kari Byron and a Dillon M-134D minigun—wowzers. The Mythbusters presenter aimed at a tree with the weapon (3,000 rounds per minute, or 50 per second) and flipped the switch. Watching the cartridge shells pour out of the gun as she thfrpfttttts away at the tree is like watching a waterfall of metal.

Leopard Folder Icons (custom ones)

Leopard Folder Icons (custom ones)

No I'm not going to rant on them in case y'all were expecting such a thread, although the ruckus over that has pretty much passed.

I decided to design a custom application support folder icon, and since it might be of use to others, am posting it here. (not sure if here or the developers' forum would be the best place).

Best results need a sharp image that looks good in 1-bit. For Hangman, I choose to use a noose that had been part of the original icon and thresholded it until I could see the rope detail without making it too noisy:

The template file is here: http://mateo.elahorcado.net/blogimag...onTemplate.zip

Edit: For reference I've included my application icon with the folder icon made from it.
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O2 to Launch iPhone in Ireland

O2 to Launch iPhone in Ireland

Underscoring comments
by Apple COO, Tim Cook, that they are working to expand the iPhone into new geographic areas, wireless carrier O2 announced that they would be introducing the iPhone in Ireland on March 14th, 2008.

The iPhone will be made available through both O2 retail stores as well as branches of Carphone Warehouse. The 8GB model will cost 399 euro and the 16GB at 499 euro. Tariffs start at 45 euro per month. Visual voicemail is not yet supporte d.

45 euro/mo: 175 minutes, 100 texts, 1GB data
65 euro/mo: 350 minutes, 150 texts, 1GB data
100 euro/mo: 700 minutes, 250 texts, 1GB data

More information available at o2online.ie.

Apple Working to Deploy iPhones at Universities

Abilene Christian University (ACU) announced yesterday that they would be issuing iPhones or iPod Touches to incoming freshman for use in their college courses and day to day lives.

At ACU - the first university in the nation to provide these cutting-edge media devices to its incoming class - freshmen will use the iPhones or iPod Touches to receive homework alerts, answer in-class surveys and quizzes, get directions to their professors' offices, and check their meal and account balances - among more than 15 other useful web applications already developed, said ACU Chief Information Officer Kevin Roberts.

They specifically mention the use of web applications that they've developed, but extend this concept in a demonstration movie (Youtube link) called Connected. The movie shows how a fully deployed mobile learning environment might look, with mocked up examples of true iPhone applications:

The movie details a fully integrated iPhone and college experience, with integration into coursework, class participation, payment system, directory and 3d mapping. They caution that the movie is entirely speculative, of course. Some demos of their iPhone web apps are available at http://acu.mobi/.

This news, by itself, would only so interesting if the university was acting on its own, but MacRumors has heard that Apple is taking an active role in deploying the iPhone in university settings to try to regain some of their historic educational marketshare. Besides ACU, pilot projects are expected at universities such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford in the near future. The new iPhone SDK is expected to also play a role in future iPhone/University integration, though it appears that ACU does not yet have access to it.

In 2004, Duke University had a program in which they issued iPods to incoming Freshman to allow them to listen to lecture materials. Similarly, the iPhone will have tight audio/video integration with each school's iTunes University content.

Re: Apple COO Discusses iPhone Exclusivity, SDK, and Unlocking

Apple's COO, Timothy Cook, delivered a question and answer session at the Goldman Sachs Investment Symposium yesterday, and touched on a number of interesting topics. Differing notes available at MacNN, Appleinsider and iPhoneAtlas.

Of interest, Cook answers why Apple hasn't offered an unlocked version of the iPhone. He states that multi-carrier offerings were impractical at launch. For the U.S. market, this would require a CDMA and GSM version of the iPhone. In the end, they felt it was impractical to try to satisfy every carrier and every user. Still, he states that Apple is "not married to any business model" and instead, they're "married to ... shipping the best phones in the world."

When asked about the possibility of Apple expanding into even more areas with new product lines, Cook feels anything is possible, but that each product choice is made carefully since "for everything we do, we know me make a choice not to do something else. We may or may not add some over time, we'll see."

Regarding iPod reaching a saturation point, Cook points out that 40% of iPods are still being sold to those who don't already own an iPod and suggests that slower iPod sales are a reflection of the economy than necessarily sales saturation.

He again describes the iPod Touch as the "first mainstream WiFi portable platform" and also describes the iPhone as a "platform not a product", and states that the upcoming SDK will "broaden the platform more, to the point where the only limit will be people's imagination." Cook stopped short when asked about when the first 3rd party apps would appear, not wanting to take away any element of surprise from next week's event.

Finally on iPhone Unlocking, Cook acknowledges the problem but states he "look[s] at this 'problem' with a little bit of a smile. Having people stepping over each other for the phone isn't a bad thing." He goes on to state that the best way for Apple to fight back is to offer the iPhone in more countries.

A Quicktime stream of the talk is available from Apple.

Fwd: Apple Releases Firmware 1.1.4 for iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple Releases Firmware 1.1.4 for iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple has released the 1.1.4 Firmware update for iPhone and iPod Touch. No details yet on what new features (if any) have been included.

Apple released the 1.1.3 firmware at Macworld San Francisco and added a number of new features including Google Maps Location, Webclips, and Multiple-Contact SMS.

Early reports indicate that there are no obvious new features, but it does "break" unofficial apps (jailbreak). Apple was to announce the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) this month, so the release may add official support for 3rd party applications written with the SDK. The 1.1.4 firmware update is presently available through iTunes for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

- No Flash support
- iToner 1.0.6 still works
- ZiPhone may work, but the developer warns not to upgrade as it hasn't been tested.
- Text message ordering fixed, according to one report
- Camera works better for some
- Safari Tabs now preserve content (don't go to "white" screens)
- Fixes Bluetooth connectivity

Apple iTunes Store Starts 99 cent Weekly Movie Rentals

Apple iTunes Store Starts 99 cent Weekly Movie Rentals

The HoursIn a clever marketing move Apple has started a new weekly special movie rental for just 99 cents to help jump start the iTunes rental business. Apple will bring a new movie rental each week at the special price. Thursday will be "movie rental" day. Like all the movie rentals on iTunes you have 30 days to watch it and once you start viewing the rental you have 24 hours to watch it as many times as you like.

So far it seems that these movies are being offered in standard definition only found in iTunes and the Apple TV. Hope they bring an HD version of this to the Apple TV. Movie rentals can be viewed on your computer (Mac and Windows), all late model iPods, iPhones, and Apple TVs. The first rental movie at the special discounted price offered is The Hours [iTunes link]. Good flick by the way. We have the DVD.

Review: 1Password One Very Cool App

Review: 1Password One Very Cool App

1Password (see video) keeps track of all web passwords, automates sign-in, guards from identity theft, all for $29.95! All your confidential information, including passwords, identities, and credit cards, is kept in one secure place provided by Apple's OS X Keychain. Once you install this app you may wonder how you ever lived without it.

1Password requires a master password to log in that will timeout after a specified time. In the 1Password manager you can edit accounts, add notes, or track history.

1Password web forms

Autofill and Auto-submit
Safari like most web modern browsers feature an autofill and password-saving functionality. 1Password is the steroid Autofill and form fill. It also auto-submits after the form gets filled saving time. Signing into a website is simple with one simple command, and 1Password fills in the login information and automagically signs you in.

Safari is a great browser, but what if you also use Firefox, Camino or another supported browser. If you rely on Safari's autofill, none of your data is available in the other browsers. Firefox's Password Manager only works in Firefox of course and it does not sync across multiple machines.

1Password solves these problems and integrates directly with all your web browsers (Safari, OmniWeb, Firefox, Camino and Flock).

Browser Integration

Multiple Identities
Use 1Password to define multiple identities, each with its own unique set of information. Next time you fill out a form, you choose the the identity you want to use on the partiular site.

Digital Wallet
Use 1Password to store all your credit card information. During checkout, just hit the 1Password button in your browser and choose the credit card you want. The utility instantly fills in your payment information automatically.

Secure Notes
Store bits of important information in a secure note and retrieve it when you need it.

Maximum Security
1Password uses "military-grade" encryption and requires a master password before you can unlock any information. By default, 1Password also locks you out after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Since you don't need to type in a passwords or personal information when you are using 1Password you are protected from any hidden keyloggers installed on your computer.

You are also protected from phishing where criminals try to get your personal information by pushing a "fake" website that appears to be the correct one and waits for you to login.

1Password includes a strong password generator that will add a super strong password in a single click. This password is a long random sequence of numbers, lower-case letters, and upper-case letters that would be a bit ridiculous if you had to type it in, but 1Password solves this as you will never have to actually type it in.

Generate Password

.Mac Syncing
Just install 1Password on all your Macs and use .Mac to keep all your machines in sync with all your information. A single user license is all you need.

To enable .Mac syncing you need to go to Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain app and highlight the 1Password keychain. Then control + click and choose to "change keychain settings," now check the box to enable .Mac sync.

Enable .Mac Sync

Next time you sync your keychains you will be also syncing your 1Password data.

Import and Export
1Password allows for importing your data from other password managers. You can import you passwords from Safari, Camino, Firefox, or Flock. Their is also support for RoboForm and Web Confidential.

Palm and Treo support
1Password can be synced to your Palm or Treo so you always have all your important information available to you.

iPhone and iPod touch sync and autofill
One disappointing feature for the iPhone and iPod touch mobile version of Safari is it had my way of remembering your login and form fill information making you type them each and every time. 1Password has now added a feature to securely sync this information making filling in forms on your iPhone or iPod touch much easier.

1Password iPhone

1Password data is saved in the bookmarklet using "448-bit blowfish encryption" that requires your custom password each time you want to auto-fill a form.

iPhone How-to

Tip: Use on Firefox for Windows
1Password's iPhone export is accomplished by creating an encrypted bookmarklet in Safari, which is synchronized to your iPhone or iPod touch. Firefox can recognize this bookmarklet. The Windows version of Firefox can also use this. Get your data into Firefox:

In 1Password, click on the Sync to iPhone icon in the toolbar and choose an access code for encryption. This creates the bookmarklet in Safari.

In Safari bookmarks go to the bookmark section and find the new item called 1Password. Right-click on it and select Edit Address from the contextual menu. Copy it into an email or text file and bring it to your Windows machine.

Now create the bookmarklet in Firefox. Name it whatever you want and paste it into the Location field. Select 'Load this bookmark in the sidebar. Firefox on your Windows machine now has a secure, functional bookmarklet with your passwords and other data available. I have not tried it but this would probably work on a Linux machine also.

Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or higher
Safari 2.0+, Firefox 1.5+, Flock 0.7+, Camino 1.0, OmniWeb 5.5, DEVONagent 2.0, NetNewsWire 2.1, Netscape Navigator 9.0+.

Single License is $29.95 and allows you to install 1Password on all your Macs for a single user. You can use .Mac to keep all the information on all your machines in sync.

Family License is $39.95 for up to 3 family members.

Small business license is $49.95 for up to 5 users.

Educational users can purchase 1Password for $23.95.

1Password for Palm is $12.95.

There is a free trial available.

AllBookmarks, free - adds a new item to your Mac OS X menu bar giving you quick access to all your bookmarks. All your Safari, Firefox and Flock bookmarks are shown and can be selected. AllBookmarks also gives you accesses to your 1Password 1Click bookmarks so you can navigate to a page, fill the form, and submit it, all with a single click!

my1Password web service
my1Password web service - provides Universal Access to your 1Password data by allowing you to access your 1Password information from any modern web browser in a secure and confidential fashion. With my1Password you can now access your information from anywhere there is an Internet Connection. Currently the my1Password website is available by invitation only.

The my1Password website makes your 1Password data accessible from any modern web browser. So far my1Password has been tested in Safari (versions 2 and 3), Firefox, DEVONagent, Camino, Flock, Opera, Netscape Navigator 9, and Internet Explorer 7 on Windows. my1Password even works on Windows Mobile 5 using Opera Mini!

No one but you, not even my1Password website administrators. Your confidential information is encrypted by 1Password using Strong Cryptography (448bit Blowfish) before it is sent to the my1Password web site.


NOTE: Starting March 1st, 2008 the price of 1Password Single User License will change to $39.95. The price of Family and Small Business licenses will change as well. I just bought a family license.

1Password is awarded 4.5 out of 5 Paws

My Favorite OS X Only Software (Updated) Big Free Sharing

My Favorite OS X Only Software (Updated) (shareware, freeware, free download)

One of the reasons I use a Mac for my main computer platform is the quality of the freeware, shareware and commercial applications. Here is list of my favorite OS X only applications, in alphabetical order. Many of these applications are free or have a trial period. I hope you will check some of these out and find them as helpful and fun as I have.

So here is my long list of software picks for OS X.

  • Acquisition, $17.99 - The single best Gnutella file sharing program I have ever used on any platform. Built-in BitTorrent client. This is the only P2P you will ever need. It contains no adware, spyware, and works like a charm.
  • Adium, Free - Adium is a free instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and more.
  • Address-o-sync, Free - Share or sync Address Books for multiple Macs over Bonjour.
  • Airfoil 2, $25 - Airfoil lets you send any audio to remote speakers attached to all your AirPort Express in sync. AirPort Express - It's not just for iTunes anymore.
  • Amadeus, $30 - Powerful sound editor for Mac. Supports Mp3, Ogg Vorbis, Mp4, .m4a and VST Audio plugins.
  • AppZapper, $12.95 - confidently try new apps while knowing they can uninstall them easily.
  • AquaEthereal, Free - an application launcher, written in Python, for the Unix-based Ethereal network monitoring program.
  • Art Directors Toolkit 5, $29.95 - time saving toolset that helps digital designers get the information they need quickly and conveniently.
  • AstroGrav, $79 - program that allows you to study how astronomical objects move and interact under the force of gravity.
  • Audio Hijack Pro, $32 pro $16 regular version, OS X only - Like A VCR For Internet Radio. Record and enhance anything your Mac can play.
  • Backlight, Free - provides a menu extra that allows you to use screen-savers as your desktop background.
  • BackityMac, Free - back-up your Mac. all backups are placed in a read-only disk image which ensures you can access it on any Mac.
  • Broadband Tuner, Free - speed up those FiOS and high latency connections.
  • BBEdit, $199 Crossgrade price $99 - the leading professional HTML and text editor for the Macintosh. Specifically crafted in response to the needs of Web authors and software developers, this award-winning product provides an abundance of features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text. Bare Bones says "it doesn't suck" and they are right!
  • Boinx iStopMotion, $40 - tool of choice for Stop Motion Animation (aka. Claymation) and Time Lapse Recording.
  • Bookit, $12 - creates identical bookmark files for each browser. If you use more than one browser regularly, give Bookit a try, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
  • Booklet, $8 - provides bookmark sharing compatible with Apple's Rendezvous technology.
  • Bookpedia, $18 - use iSight to scan barcodes of books and pull info from libraries as well as Amazon. Adress Book, iPod and Spotlight integration.
  • Browseback, $30 - intuitive visual interface lets you scan through thumbnails of every page you've visited.
  • BurnX Free, Free - makes it very easy to burn CD's with multiple sessions in an hybrid format for compatibility with other platforms.
  • Business Card Composer, $34.95 - the complete kit to create and print excellent business cards, calling cards and badges.
  • Butler, Free - make it easier for you to perform different "potentially recurring" tasks.
  • Camino, Free - the most Mac like browser based on the Mozilla codebase like Firefox.
  • Can Combine Icons, $10 - combine icons and make new OS X icon.
  • CandyBar, $12.95 - change the Mac OS X icons you usually can't!
  • Carbon Copy Cloner, Donationware - Clone your Macintosh hard drive and make it bootable. Easy-to-use.
  • CatDV, $79, $275 Pro version - Mac video organizing and logging tool.
  • Chartsmith, $129 - charting and graphing application for Mac OS X. Great add-on for Apple's Keynote if you have a lot of charts to build.
  • Chicken of the VNC, Free - VNC client for Mac OS X.
  • Chax, donationware - Chax is a plugin with additions that make using Apple's iChat more enjoyable.
  • Chmox, Free - An OS X native application that allows you to read your CHM documents (Compiled HTML/eBook) on your Mac
  • ClamXav, Free - for the Windows switcher that is obsessed about viruses. Anti-virus software for the Mac.
  • Clutter, Free - alternative interface to iTunes and downloads album artwork.
  • Cocktail, $14.95 - general purpose utility for Mac OS X. Mix of maintenance tools and interface tweaks, all accessible via a comprehensive graphical interface and toolset.
  • Collaboradoodle, $35 - shared whiteboard drawing application.
  • Colloquy, Donationware - IRC client that has the look and feel of an Mac application.
  • ComicBookLover, $24.95 - is an easy to use digital comic viewer, collector and organiser.
  • Comic Life Deluxe, $29.95 (standard version is now shipping with some new Macs) - The perfect companion to iPhoto. Make your own comic strips from your own digital photos for fun or to use in presentations. Great idea, great application, lots of fun.
  • Conference Recorder, $14.95 - add-on for iChat AV which automatically transforms your conference sessions into QuickTime movies.
  • CopyPaste + yType, $30 - the clipboard, snippet and general all-round productivity-enhancing tool.
  • CoverFlow, donationware - an album browser for OS X iTunes.
  • CreateBooklet, Free - a PDF Service (and Automator Action) that squezes two pages on to one in the order of a booklet. So that you can print the pages duplex, fold them and have your own booklet.
  • CSSEdit, $24.99 - CSS editor for editing style sheets and let's you see your styles in three different ways.
  • CuteClips, $6 - small app that stores the last twelve entries in your clipboard.
  • CyTV, Freeware - streaming solution for elgato's EyeTV family of TV tuners. It allows you to watch TV and recorded programs over a local network (wired or wireless) or the internet.
  • DeepVacuum, Free - Allows users to download: complete single pages, entire sites, ftp catalogs, link lists from a text file, pictures, music, clips and more.
  • Deja Vu, $24.95 - Backup app with scheduled backups for your files.
  • Delicious Library, $40 - Catalog, browse, and share all your books, movies, music, and video games using your iSight camera or a bluetooth bar code reader. Syncs to your iPod. Love this application.
  • Delicious Web, Free - enables you to export in one click the entire content of your Book, Games, Movie and/or Music collections to the web from Delicious Library. Can use exported CD cover art in iTunes.
  • DeskShade, $12.99 - Are you tired of messy desktops? Organize and hide.
  • Desktastic, $12.95 - lets you take notes, visually demonstrate, draw stupid pictures, and much more!
  • Dock-It, $10 - multifunctional dock and Finder enhancer.
  • Dimensionizer - Contextual Menu to display an image's dimensions.
  • Disc Cover, $34.95 - intuitive Mac OS X software to create labels and covers for CDs, DVDs and more.
  • Disclabel, $29.95 - create, print, & share CD labels, jewel case inserts, and DVD covers that look truly professional.
  • DockStar, $8.00 - add-on for Mail.app that adds up to 5 new-mail indicators to the dock icon.
  • Doodim, Free - permits one to dim the background of the foremost application thereby enhancing its visibility.
  • DragThing, $29 - make items on your Mac such as files, folders, applications, disks, URLs, clippings, and even windows, quickly and easily accessible, while taking up as little space on your screen as possible. An alternative to your Dock.
  • DV Backup, $50 Lite Version $20 - backup any data files to a MiniDV or Digital8 camcorder.
  • DVDRemaster, $49.99 Pro, $39.95 Std - full featured application for Mac OS X which recompresses large DVDs so that they fit on standard DVD5 or video iPods.
  • EasyDraw, $95 download, $20 (6-month license) - nice vector drawing with some CAD features.
  • EasyWMA, $10 - allows you to convert wma, asf and wmv audio files to mp3, m4a or wav so that you can play your favorite songs in iTunes or any other player on your Mac.
  • ecto, $17.95 - nice blogging client for the Mac.
  • Erroneous, Free - provides you with choices to open CDs or DVDs in.
  • Event Maker, Free - allows you to create normal and all-day events and To Dos from a selected message in Mail.app or from scratch. Integrates Mail and iCal.
  • Evocam, $25 - Webcam application with built in web server.
  • EyeTV, software $79, hardware/software starts at about $149 - best PVR )personal video recorder for the Mac.
  • Export Address Book, 10 Euros - application can export any textual data you have defined in Apple's Address Book.
  • FastCut, 15 Euros - offers video editing in realtime.
  • FastDVDCopy, $100 - copy your personal DVDs, Playstation, and CDs in just one mouse click.
  • Fetch, $25 - full-featured FTP and SFTP client for the Apple Macintosh.
  • FetchYourLyrics, Free - lets you view the lyrics of a song that is playing in iTunes without opening the Get Info panel (using Command + I).
  • FileJuicer, $9 - can extract images from Powerpoint, PDFs, HTML, CAB files. and more. Very useful.
  • Fink, Free - bring the full world of Unix Open Source software to Darwin and Mac OS X. Compiles and runs UNIX software on Mac OS X and makes it available for download.
  • FlickrExport, $21 - indispensable plugin for iPhoto.
  • Folder Icon X, $15.00 - Mac OS X-native application providing a simple way to create a customized folder and document icons by placing another icon on a standard plain icon.
  • Freeway Pro, $279.00 - design your website visually and write standards-compliant XHTML and CSS automatically.
  • FTPeel, $19 - FTP client that switches seamlessly between column and list view.
  • Fugu, Free - graphical frontend for SFTP, SCP and SSH.
  • GarageSale, $24.99 - client application for the eBay online auction system.
  • Gawker, Free - open source app that takes a very simple, yet powerful, approach to capturing time-lapse videos from an iSight camera - be it your own or someone else's.
  • Gcal.app, Free - Google Calendar client for the Mac - a very minimalistic (WebKit-based) browser, that only displays Google Calendar. Nothing else.
  • GimmeSomeTune, Free - integrates with iTunes and automatically retrieves album art and adds to iTunes.
  • Google Importer, Free - Spotlight plug-in that can add a Google search to the list of results Spotlight returns.
  • Google Maps Plug-in, Donationware - for Address Book.
  • Growl, Free - Event notification. it allows applications that support Growl to send you notifications.
  • Hallon, Free - bookmark anything in many applications (like iTunes) that usually can't create bookmarks.
  • Handbrake, Free (not really OS X only, there is a Linux version - Nice DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter. Convert DVDs directly to your iPod or rip your DVDs to H.264 to play off your Mac.
  • HEXColorPicker, Free - so you will have everything a web developer might need to pick colors. Nice add-on the OS X color picker.
  • HoudahSpot, $14.95 - introduces a whole new way to interact with spotlight.
  • Huevos, Free - customizable search engine helper for Mac OS X. Just type in some text to search for, choose a search engine, then hit the Return key.
  • HyperEdit, $19.95 - lightweight HTML with live previews of HTML & PHP.
  • iBank, $39.99 - The new financial manager built exclusively for Mac OS X. If you do not want to use Quicken, here is alternative.
  • iBiz, $29.99 - time-billing and invoicing application.
  • Iconizer Pro, $15.00 - application developed for generating a set of 32 bit ( 16 millions, full colors ) icons from any pictures.
  • iChatter, $8.00 - adds voices to iChat.
  • iConquer, $14.99 - game of world conquest, played by 1 to 6 players especially designed to take full advantage of Mac OS X.
  • Iconverter, Free - makes it easy to get icons into and out of OS X icon format.
  • iGlasses, $8.00 - adjust and manipulate your iSight video settings from within iChat AV and many other programs, including iMovie, Photo Booth, Yahoo! Messenger and EvoCam.
  • Instant HandBrake, Free - iPod/PSP-dedicated version of HandBrake.
  • Interarchy, $39 - an FTP client for OS X.
  • iPodDisk, Donationware - an excellent tool for getting your music off your iPod and allows you to use your iPod as an iDisk.
  • iPodRip, $15 - iPodRip allows you to copy songs from any Mac iPod to any Mac running OS X.
  • iRecordMusic, $24.95 - an easy to use Internet audio recorder.
  • iRooster, Free - make your Mac into a nice alarm clock.
  • iSale, $39.95 - sell on eBay the easy way with iLife and Google Map integration. Who needs eBiz?
  • iShowU, $20 - only allows you to capture and record anything you can see on your screen.
  • iStache, Free - automates one of the oldest prank known to man. It comes loaded up with a number of different mustaches that you can paste onto any photo.
  • iVideoMail, $10 - simple Mail.App bundle that offers video recording capability inside the Mail application.
  • iWeb Enhancer, $12.95 - Add Flickr, YouTube, Adsense, Blogrolling, Flash Content, hiand more to your iWeb Sites.
  • iWipe, $14 - securely deletes files and disks for Mac OS X.
  • iZoom, Free - simple application designed to allow you to easily resize and crop your photos for optimized display on your iPod photo, on the web.
  • Jumpcut, Free - open source clipboard extender.
  • KisMAC, Free - is a free stumbler application for MacOS X. Find and login wireless networks.
  • Launcher, $19.95 - Launch apps, replace the Dock.
  • Library Books, Donationware - OS X application that tracks the library books you have borrowed.
  • Line In, Free - play sound coming in through a microphone or any other device plugged in to your sound in port.
  • Lineform, $79, $59 Education price - very similar to Adobe's Illustrator, a vector-based drawing program for OS X that uses a lot of Apple's built-in technology which includes Core Image, Spotlight and Applescript.
  • LiteSwitch X, $14.95 - a nice keyboard application switcher.
  • Little Snitch, $24.95 - Alerts you when a program tries to send info to the internet so you can see whats going on in the background.
  • Live Channel, $999 - live television studio in software, enabling anyone to produce a professional live broadcast on a Mac, without special hardware. I use this for streaming special events to the web.
  • MacJanitor, Free - Great tool for running and rescheduling OS X maintenance tasks. A must have for being over-run by log files.
  • MacJournal, $24.95 - journaling software for the Macintosh. Create a personal journal, record daily ideas, manage scripts and novels, or generate blogs.
  • MacMame, Free - Multi arcade machine emulator for OS X.
  • MacSniffer, Free - allows you to view all of the traffic on a network connection, such as ethernet. Based on 'tcpdump' packet sniffer like Ethereal.
  • MacTheRipper, Free - Ripper for backing up DVDs.
  • Mac Vim, Free - The Mac OS X version of Vim text editor.
  • Mail.appetizer, Free - Enhance Mail with this notification plugin that allows look at your incoming email without switching to Mail.
  • Mail Factory, $39.95 Home Edition $19.95 - office tool for designing and printing envelopes, postcards, address and shipping labels on your Macintosh.
  • Mail Tags, Free - add tagging to Apple Mail with this plugin.
  • Mariner Calc, $49.95 - Spreadsheet.
  • Mariner Write, $49,95 - Writing application.
  • MarsEdit, $24.95 - a weblog editor for Mac OS X that makes weblog writing like writing emailâ€"with spell-checking, drafts, multiple windows, and AppleScript support.
  • Max, Free - generate or convert audio in over 20 compressed and uncompressed formats including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless, Speex, AIFF, and WAVE.
  • MediaCentral, Free - turns your Mac into the ultimate home theater system. With support for numerous audio, video and multimedia formats, MediaCentral brings it all together at the push of a button. No, Front Row, try this.
  • Memogram, Free - displays all kinds of useful virtual memory information about your computer.
  • MenuCalendarClock, basic version is free, Advanced Features is $18.95 - iCal compatible menu calendar and a configurable menu clock.
  • Missing Sync, $39.95 - Sync Palms. Sony Clie, Pocket PC, etc with Mac apps.
  • Monolingual, Free - This application will remove all the extra languages that come installed with OS X and all your applications to free up hard drive space.
  • Montage, $99 - Mac OS X screenwriting software.
  • Morph Age, $100 - application for morphing/warping images and movies on Mac OS X, such as faces, and save the result to a QuickTime movie.
  • Mugshot, Free - an iPhoto-like desktop application for managing your Flickr photos.
  • Net Monitor, $10.00 - graphs a histogram of network activity of local and remote computers in a floating window, the Dock, the Menu Bar or in a regular window.
  • Net Tool Box, $35.00 - Handy toolkit integrates over 20 powerful networking utilities into one easy-to-use program.
  • NetNewsWire, $25 - an easy-to-use RSS and Atom newsreader for Mac OS X. Very nice with syncing, sharing of feeds and many other advanced features.
  • Nicecast, $40 - Nicecast is the easiest way to broadcast music from OS X. Broadcast to the world, or just across your house.
  • Noodle Flix, $20 - They say Noodle Flix is talking head movie studio for Mac OS X. With only a few clicks, Noodle Flix creates talking head movies for use with iPods, web sites, blogs, iMovie projects, and many other applications. I just say it is a lot of fun and actually useful for some projects.
  • Noodle Reader, $20 - a talking head news reader (RSS). It downloads from feeds and reads it to you in real time.
  • NoteShare, $149.95 - powerful desktop application for creating, publishing and sharing media rich, multi-page notebooks.
  • NoteTaker, $69.95, Academic $39.95 - personal note and idea organizer.
  • NoteTaker Viewer, Free - gives OS X users the ability to conveniently view notebook content in its original format with support for full multimedia playback and web page viewing as well.
  • OmniOutliner, $39.95, Professional $69.95 - draft to-do lists, create agendas, manage tasks, track expenses, take notes, plan events, etc. Great outline application.
  • OmniGraffle, $79.95, Professional $149.95 - produce amazing-looking diagrams. OmniGraffle is a powerful, yet easy to use diagramming and drawing tool. Great Visio replacement.
  • OmniWeb, $29.95 - web browser for OS X. Easily allows you to save movies that play back in your web browser among other nice features.
  • On Air, $39.95 - take advantage of the imminent IP-based camera technology. In an innovative, broadcast-room style interface.
  • OnyX, Free - maintenance, optimization, and personalization utility for Mac OS X (PowerPC and Intel). It also makes it possible to configure certain hidden parameters of the Finder, Dock, and Safari, to remove a certain number of files and folders that may become cumbersome, preview the different logs and CrashReporter reports, and more.
  • OSXvnc, Free - full featured VNC server providing remote access to the GUI, keyboard and mouse using any VNC client.
  • PackRat, $24.95 - lets you use your Backpack data when you can't be on the 'net.
  • Pagesender, $29.95 - fax or E-mail anything you can print. Nice Fax center for OS X.
  • Painter's Picker, $15.85 (free trial) - a great OS X color picker add-on that has many functions.
  • Paparazzi!, Free - small utility for Mac OSX that makes screenshots of webpages.
  • Parsley is Atomically Delicious, Free - GUI front ends for AtomicParsley that makes TV Shows and other MPEG-4 files show up in iTunes and on an iPod correctly.
  • PatchBurn, Donationware - Get your new unsupported optical burner to work with iTunes, iDVD, DiscBurner in OS X.
  • PDF Browser Plugin, Free for not-for-profit activities if used at home or at educational institutions - web browsers plugin to display PDF files allowing more features than Safari.
  • Peanut Gallery, $24.95 - allows you and your friends to have a movie theater experience live, in real-time, over a local Bonjour network or the internet.
  • PictureItPostageâ„¢, Free (pay for postage+premium) - integrates with iPhoto or your iSight for creating personalized postage stamps.
  • Pinki, Free - is a menu bar item that creates permanent Mac OS X icon thumbnails for image files based on their image content.
  • Pixen 2, Free/Donationware - Pixel graphics editor.
  • PodQuest, $10 - PodQuest is an application for Mac OS X that allows you to download driving directions to your iPod.
  • Poisoned, Free - file sharing application for Mac OS X. Lags behind Acquisition but free.
  • PopCopy, $14 - clipboard expender fully compatible with Microsoft Office’s apps and support for images.
  • Presentation Prompter, $65 - Powerful, easy-to-use teleprompting for Mac OS X.
  • PodWorks, $8 - PodWorks allows you to copy songs from any Mac iPod to any Mac running OS X.
  • ProPresenter, $399 - lyric and video presentation system for Passion Conferences, KidStuf, and churches.
  • ProVideoPlayer, $499 - mix video and audio synchronized with spectacular lighting and visual effects to make the environments in which bands like U2 and Coldplay play come to life in a way that transcends a mere concert… it's a complete multi-sensory experience.
  • Proxi, Free - designed to let you configure all of your Griffin devices in one easy to use interface. Not only that, but Proxi allows you to define custom hot keys, monitor Mail, iChat, and RSS feeds, execute a repeating task, and much more.
  • Pseudo, $15 - is a drag-and-drop application that allows you to launch other applications in the OSX Desktop as the System Administrator or 'root'.
  • PulpFiction, $25 - fantastic RSS/Atom feed reader, with an interface so gorgeous, you’d think Apple wrote it.
  • QPict, $35 - powerful and easy to use multimedia browser/viewer for Mac.
  • Quadrium. Free - allows you to easily create a wide variety of different images.
  • QuicKeys X, $79.95 - takes the daily tasks that would normally require you five…six…twenty or more steps and turns them into simple one step shortcuts. Automate anything.
  • Quicksilver, Free - Application launcher with additional features. Can replace some of what Spotlight does. Try it you will love this app!
  • RadioRecorder, Free - record Internet radio to play on Mac or take with you on iPod.
  • QuickTerm, Free - basic ASCII terminal emulator. It can use any attached serial port, whether built-in or installed using an adapter such as a Keyspan USB-to-serial adapter. It allows full setting of serial port parameters, with or without handshaking.
  • RadioLover, $15 - splits iTunes radio and streaming MP3 radio into individual MP3 songs.
  • RapidWeaver, $35 - web design application to help you easily create professional looking web sites in minutes with no knowledge of complex code is required. Before Apple iLife added iWeb there was RapidWeaver. I still recommend it over iWeb.
  • RCDefaultApp, Free - Preference pane to set default applications to work with URL schemes, file extensions, file types, MIME types, and Uniform Type Identifiers.
  • RCWebColorPicker, Free - simple color picker for Mac OS X 10 that displays the red, green, and blue values in HTML-friendly hexadecimal values.
  • Recent Tunes, Free - stores a list of recently played iTunes songs in your menu bar for quick access.
  • Remote Buddy, $12.54 - provides you with a one-stop interface that allows you to control almost anything on your Mac just with the Apple Remote Control.
  • Renamer4Mac, Free -makes it really easy to rename a big number of files according to a preset pattern. It lets you rename your files in many different ways. Very useful for digital cameras.
  • Rock Star, $9 - music trivia game that pits you against a clock and your very own music. Think "Name that Tune" adapted to suit your digital lifestyle.
  • Roxio Toast, $79.95 - DVD/CD burning software that integrates with Apple iLife.
  • RsyncX, Free - GUI wrapper around a version of rsync that that it is capable of handling resource forks. Good back-up solution for OS X.
  • Safari Bookmarks Exporter, Free - simple application that extract your bookmarks from Safari so you can import them to Firefox or another browser.
  • Senuti, Free - transfer music and playlists from iPod back to computer.
  • Sidenote, Free - replaces the pen and paper you never have handy at your desk when you most need them.
  • SideTrack trackpad driver, $15 - Enhanced trackpad driver for Apple Laptops that adds scrolling, etc.
  • Simon Extreme, Free - Classic Milton Bradley Simon game for OS X.
  • SilverKeeper, Free - backup software for your Mac.
  • skEdit, $24.95 - Simple, Flexible, Powerful Text Editor for the Web.
  • SlingShot, $29.95 - Got two Macs? Keep your iTunes music and other data files in sync between them easily.
  • SmallImage, Free - simple and efficient tool to batch process JPEG files, resize them, recompress them, remove embedded profiles and make them ready for the web or store them efficiently.
  • SnapNDrag, Free or $5 for Pro version - take a screenshot by just clicking a button and dragging the resulting screenshot off.
  • Snapz Pro X, $69 - allows you to effortlessly record anything on your screen, saving it as a QuickTime movie or screenshot. Great and useful application.
  • SOAPStock, Free - displays 20-minute delayed stock prices for any stock symbol you type in.
  • Soundflower, Free - virtual audio device (in 2-channel and 16-channel flavors) lets you mix sound in the computer by routing both input and output sound to the same virtual device.
  • SoundSource, Free - tool for enabling you to switch your audio input and output sources with a single click.
  • SpamSieve, $25 - adds Bayesian spam filtering to popular e-mail clients.
  • Sticky Brain, $39.99 - store all of the miscellaneous information that doesn’t fit neatly anywhere else. One of the most used and useful pieces of software on my computer. Even with the introduction of spotlight, Sticky Brain is still a great organizer with many advanced features.
  • Stuffit Expander, Free - for those that still send you .sit files.
  • SubEthaEdit, $35.00 / $19.95 Education - world's best text collaboration engine, it makes working together not only possible but even fun. Nothing else like this applications for working on collaborative projects. Great in a classroom, seminar, or lecture to "share" notes over wifi using Bonjour.
  • SuperDuper, $27.95 - Clone your drive with built-in scheduler for back-ups automatically.
  • Swift Publisher, $34.95 - excellent page layout application for designing and printing colorful flyers, newsletters, brochures, letterheads, etc.
  • Synergy, $10 - Adds iTunes controls to your menu bar, iTunes enhancer, and finds album art.
  • Terminal Pal, Free - handy assistant to your Terminal application. It allows you to directly execute .term files from an always-available menu without requiring you to switch to the Terminal first.
  • TextMate, 39 euros - brings Apple's approach to operating systems into the world of text editors. By bridging UNIX underpinnings and GUI, TextMate cherry-picks the best of both worlds to the benefit of expert scripters and novice users alike.
  • TinkerTool, Free - play with your Mac in relative safety with TinkerTool. Once you're done simply reset to Pre-TinkerTool. Change the default OS X screen shot format from PDF to PNG, or whatever you like.
  • TNEF's Enough, Free - allows Macs to read and extract files from Microsoft TNEF stream files. The files are usually received by SMTP based e-mail programs from Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook users.
  • Toon Boom Storyboard, $250 - storyboarding system for visual storytelling, perfectly suited to traditional and paperless methods for OS X.
  • Transmit, $29.95 - One of the best FTP/webDAV applications I have ever used on any platform. It has some really killer features that you might not expect an FTP application to have. Create desktop droplets, use the included widget, or use your Dock for easy transfers. Allows you to search, view, and edit on the server and moves files between machines via Bonjour. Extremely useful.
  • Unison, $24.95 - Discuss. Download audio. View pictures. Find video. And more using the Usenet.
  • Urly, Free - URL dropbox for storing bookmarks on your Dock.
  • URL Manager Pro, $25 - collecting, manipulating, and using very large collections of URLs. Not just URLs of Web pages, but also the URLs of email addresses, newservers, FTP sites, Telnet hosts, and more.
  • vCard-to-CSV Converter, Free - export Apple's Address Book to Mozilla Thunderbird or GMail.
  • Vienna, Free - RSS/Atom Newsreader for Mac OS X.
  • Virtue, Free - Virtual desktop manager for OS X.
  • Visor, Free - provides a systemwide terminal window accessible via a hotkey, much like the consoles found in games such as Quake.
  • VisualHub, $23.32 - feature-packed, universal video converter for Mac OS X. Fast conversion from nearly every video format to iPod, PSP, DV, DVD, AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG and Flash.
  • VoodooPad, Free - Notepad with advanced features, is like having your own digital junk drawer where you can jot down notes, web addresses, and to-do lists.
  • VPN Tracker, $89.90 - the Premier Mac VPN client for Mac OS X, allows safe data transfer between your Mac and your company network.
  • Wallet, $14.95 - secure, elegant, and easy way to store and organize your passwords, serial numbers, credit cards, and much more.
  • WeatherDock, Free - more w ather information, including 5 more forecasts in your Dock.
  • WebnoteHappy, $24.95 - bookmarking application for Mac OS X.
  • WinHex, $5 - nice little number conversion applet for people how play with numbers.
  • WinSwitch, Donationware - adds features to Fast User Switching like allowing icons instead of names and assigning hot keys to bring up login window.
  • WireTap Pro, $19 - WireTap Pro is your all-purpose digital recording device: with the click of a button, WireTap Pro allows you to record any audio on your Mac.
  • WMV Player, Free - allows you to play Windows Media directly in your QuickTime Player.
  • WMV Studio / WMV Player Pro, $49 (try free) for Studio / $29 for Pro - import Windows Media files for editing and conversion to other QuickTime formats from within your favorite application, including Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express HD, QuickTime Pro and iMovie.
  • Word Browser Plugin, Free - displays a text only preview of Word documents within your web browser.
  • Wave Editor, $250 - audio editor for Mac OS X. Designed in Cocoa from the ground up, Wave Editor proudly takes advantage of CoreAudio, Quartz, and other solid OS X features.
  • WebDesktop, Free - display any web page as your desktop background.
  • XDroplets, Free - a bunch of launchers that better integrate X11 programs with the Mac OS X environment.
  • XL2K, Free - XL2K intends to ease the use of Excel data in Keynote presentations. Crush your numbers in Excel and export them to Keynote in one click.
  • xPad, $9.50 - the ultimate notepad, TextEdit and Stickies replacement for Apple's OS X.
  • XRay, $10 - much-expanded version of the Finder's "Get Info" window.
  • xScope, $16.95 - powerful set of tools for designers that are ideal for measuring, aligning and inspecting on-screen graphics.
  • Xylescope, $19.95 - is like surfing with an x-ray vision. You will immediately see beneath the surface of the web pages you are visiting. Experiment by changing CSS values in author style sheets - no matter if they are on the internet or on your own computer.
  • Yojimbo, $39.00 - nice information organizer for Mac OS X.
  • Yummy, $25 - nice FTP, SFTP, automatic failure recovery, folder synchronization and more.

Of course, there are all the Apple software products like iLife06, iWork06, Final Cut Studio, Logic Pro, Aperture, etc. But they are obivious.

Next time one of your Windows friends says there is no software for Macs, show him this OS X only list and tell them that just maybe, there is "no software" for Windows!

This is certainly not a complete list. I bet you might "discover" a few you did not know about or could use.

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