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Review: 1Password One Very Cool App

Review: 1Password One Very Cool App

1Password (see video) keeps track of all web passwords, automates sign-in, guards from identity theft, all for $29.95! All your confidential information, including passwords, identities, and credit cards, is kept in one secure place provided by Apple's OS X Keychain. Once you install this app you may wonder how you ever lived without it.

1Password requires a master password to log in that will timeout after a specified time. In the 1Password manager you can edit accounts, add notes, or track history.

1Password web forms

Autofill and Auto-submit
Safari like most web modern browsers feature an autofill and password-saving functionality. 1Password is the steroid Autofill and form fill. It also auto-submits after the form gets filled saving time. Signing into a website is simple with one simple command, and 1Password fills in the login information and automagically signs you in.

Safari is a great browser, but what if you also use Firefox, Camino or another supported browser. If you rely on Safari's autofill, none of your data is available in the other browsers. Firefox's Password Manager only works in Firefox of course and it does not sync across multiple machines.

1Password solves these problems and integrates directly with all your web browsers (Safari, OmniWeb, Firefox, Camino and Flock).

Browser Integration

Multiple Identities
Use 1Password to define multiple identities, each with its own unique set of information. Next time you fill out a form, you choose the the identity you want to use on the partiular site.

Digital Wallet
Use 1Password to store all your credit card information. During checkout, just hit the 1Password button in your browser and choose the credit card you want. The utility instantly fills in your payment information automatically.

Secure Notes
Store bits of important information in a secure note and retrieve it when you need it.

Maximum Security
1Password uses "military-grade" encryption and requires a master password before you can unlock any information. By default, 1Password also locks you out after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Since you don't need to type in a passwords or personal information when you are using 1Password you are protected from any hidden keyloggers installed on your computer.

You are also protected from phishing where criminals try to get your personal information by pushing a "fake" website that appears to be the correct one and waits for you to login.

1Password includes a strong password generator that will add a super strong password in a single click. This password is a long random sequence of numbers, lower-case letters, and upper-case letters that would be a bit ridiculous if you had to type it in, but 1Password solves this as you will never have to actually type it in.

Generate Password

.Mac Syncing
Just install 1Password on all your Macs and use .Mac to keep all your machines in sync with all your information. A single user license is all you need.

To enable .Mac syncing you need to go to Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain app and highlight the 1Password keychain. Then control + click and choose to "change keychain settings," now check the box to enable .Mac sync.

Enable .Mac Sync

Next time you sync your keychains you will be also syncing your 1Password data.

Import and Export
1Password allows for importing your data from other password managers. You can import you passwords from Safari, Camino, Firefox, or Flock. Their is also support for RoboForm and Web Confidential.

Palm and Treo support
1Password can be synced to your Palm or Treo so you always have all your important information available to you.

iPhone and iPod touch sync and autofill
One disappointing feature for the iPhone and iPod touch mobile version of Safari is it had my way of remembering your login and form fill information making you type them each and every time. 1Password has now added a feature to securely sync this information making filling in forms on your iPhone or iPod touch much easier.

1Password iPhone

1Password data is saved in the bookmarklet using "448-bit blowfish encryption" that requires your custom password each time you want to auto-fill a form.

iPhone How-to

Tip: Use on Firefox for Windows
1Password's iPhone export is accomplished by creating an encrypted bookmarklet in Safari, which is synchronized to your iPhone or iPod touch. Firefox can recognize this bookmarklet. The Windows version of Firefox can also use this. Get your data into Firefox:

In 1Password, click on the Sync to iPhone icon in the toolbar and choose an access code for encryption. This creates the bookmarklet in Safari.

In Safari bookmarks go to the bookmark section and find the new item called 1Password. Right-click on it and select Edit Address from the contextual menu. Copy it into an email or text file and bring it to your Windows machine.

Now create the bookmarklet in Firefox. Name it whatever you want and paste it into the Location field. Select 'Load this bookmark in the sidebar. Firefox on your Windows machine now has a secure, functional bookmarklet with your passwords and other data available. I have not tried it but this would probably work on a Linux machine also.

Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or higher
Safari 2.0+, Firefox 1.5+, Flock 0.7+, Camino 1.0, OmniWeb 5.5, DEVONagent 2.0, NetNewsWire 2.1, Netscape Navigator 9.0+.

Single License is $29.95 and allows you to install 1Password on all your Macs for a single user. You can use .Mac to keep all the information on all your machines in sync.

Family License is $39.95 for up to 3 family members.

Small business license is $49.95 for up to 5 users.

Educational users can purchase 1Password for $23.95.

1Password for Palm is $12.95.

There is a free trial available.

AllBookmarks, free - adds a new item to your Mac OS X menu bar giving you quick access to all your bookmarks. All your Safari, Firefox and Flock bookmarks are shown and can be selected. AllBookmarks also gives you accesses to your 1Password 1Click bookmarks so you can navigate to a page, fill the form, and submit it, all with a single click!

my1Password web service
my1Password web service - provides Universal Access to your 1Password data by allowing you to access your 1Password information from any modern web browser in a secure and confidential fashion. With my1Password you can now access your information from anywhere there is an Internet Connection. Currently the my1Password website is available by invitation only.

The my1Password website makes your 1Password data accessible from any modern web browser. So far my1Password has been tested in Safari (versions 2 and 3), Firefox, DEVONagent, Camino, Flock, Opera, Netscape Navigator 9, and Internet Explorer 7 on Windows. my1Password even works on Windows Mobile 5 using Opera Mini!

No one but you, not even my1Password website administrators. Your confidential information is encrypted by 1Password using Strong Cryptography (448bit Blowfish) before it is sent to the my1Password web site.


NOTE: Starting March 1st, 2008 the price of 1Password Single User License will change to $39.95. The price of Family and Small Business licenses will change as well. I just bought a family license.

1Password is awarded 4.5 out of 5 Paws

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2011 KPSS ,Sınav İlanları,Kpss Soruları,Kpss sonuçları,KPSS Deneme sınavları ve KPSS ders notları,atamalar

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